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A-Z list of allotments

The following are Chesterfield Borough Council owned allotments:

Allotment Site                                     Secretary                 Telephone Number

Ashfield (Calow Lane)                        Jen Lord                  01246 206490

Ashgate (Ashgate Road)                    Ian Cheetham         07583 432012

Avenue Road                                      Mrs N Stone           01246 620940

Boythorpe (Boythorpe Cemetery)    Mr F Richardson     07944 198043

Brockwell (Brockwell Lane)             Mrs Anne Gibson    01246 279741

Goldwell 1 (Ashgate Road)               Mr R Townend        01246 208259

Goldwell 2 (Ashgate Road)               Mr Barry Hodson   01246 200795

Westfield (Ashgate Road)                 Mike Dwyer           01246 569070

Hady Hill                                            K Stallworthy          01246 221632

Hunloke (Hunloke Avenue)              Mr T Hochin           01246 274223

Littlemoor (Hastings Close)             Harold Lowe            07766663316

New Whittington (High Street)        Stuart Hall                01246 452132

Penmore (Penmore Lane)                Roy Akrill                 01246 461095

Rufford Close                                   Nigel Masters          01246 551136

St Augustine’s                                  Mr K Newman         01246 221407

Stand Road                                       Alyss Ryan              07759331184

Station Road, New Whittington       Mr R Hoar              01246 452327

Westward (Rhodesia Road)             Mrs P Turner          01246 559321

The allotments listed below are managed by Staveley Town Council.
For information telephone 01246 473132

Allotment Site                                 Secretary             Telephone Number

Barrow Hill (Station Road)             Mr D Cole           07947 554007

Bellhouse Lane                              Christina Dickin     01246 475892

Inkersall (Madin Drive)                  J Carrington          01246 473702

Mastin Moor (Worksop Road)      Rita Packwood     01246 472971

Middlecroft (Middlecroft Road)     Barry Drury          01246 473721

Hartington (Franklyn Drive)            Mr B Wootton     01246 477544

Write To
Chesterfield Borough Council
Town Hall
Rose Hill
S40 1LP

Tel: 01246 345345
Text: 07960 910264
Fax: 01246 345252

In Person At:-
Customer Service Centre
85 New Square


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