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Benefits Advisor

Billions of pounds in benefit goes unclaimed each year because people find the benefits system complicated and forms too difficult to complete.

Recent figures show that around 2 million people are failing to claim their Council Tax Support leaving almost £1 billion unclaimed each year. Pensioners miss out most with less than half of home-owning pensioners claiming the money they should get. Increases in the amounts of benefit over the last few years and the introduction of Pension Credit mean that many pensioners who have been turned down in the past are now entitled.

Chesterfield Borough Council is committed to making sure that our residents are not missing out. There is up-do-date information about Welfare Benefits on our website. We also employ a Benefits Advisor, Anne Kitchen, to give free confidential advice on all benefits and help you claim them.

Claiming benefits will make you better off each week and may help you get grants that are available through The Home Improvement Agency.

What does our Benefits Advisor do?

  • Answers queries on all benefits.
  • Helps complete benefit claim forms.
  • Visits you in your home if you are housebound.
  • Gives talks to social groups on benefit matters

Who can she help?

  • Any resident of the Borough especially those with long term health problems, low incomes and pensioners.

How can she be contacted?

Customer Services Centre

PO Box 100

85 New Square


S40 1SN




Chesterfield Borough Council
Town Hall
Rose Hill
S40 1LP

Tel: 01246 345345
Text: 07960 910264
Fax: 01246 345252


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