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Chesterfield Borough Council provides waste collection and recycling services to all homes in the borough, which is approximately 48,000 households. In line with national and European targets, we aim to recycle or compost as much waste as possible.

To help achieve this, a variety of collection systems are provided. These allow residents to sort and present waste in a number of different ways . Most houses have three wheeled bins, a green one for compostable waste, a blue one for recyclable materials and a black/grey bin for residual waste.

Improvements to the green waste collection service

We are introducing a new eco-friendly way for you to dispose of your cooked and raw food waste, rather than it being sent to landfill via black bins.

A caddy has been provided for you keep somewhere in your kitchen e.g. under your sink; and use it to collect all your peelings and left-over cooked or raw food waste. When it is full you simply empty it into your green bin. A copy of the leaflet can be downloaded here.

Once you have read the leaflet you may have more questions about the new kitchen caddy and how this affects the green bin collections.

Do I have to use the caddy?

No, it is up to you whether you wish to use the caddy. The caddy has been provided so that you can contain all your food waste separately to your other household waste, rather than make regular trips to the green bin. If you prefer you can put your food waste directly into the green bin.

What if I don't want my caddy?

If you do not want a caddy you could use it for storing other household items or contact us on 01246 345734 and our staff may be able to arrange for the caddy to be collected back in.

What do I do once I have filled my caddy?

Empty the food waste into your green bin - rinse the caddy and start again.

Do I have to put my caddy out for collection?

No, the caddy is for you to use in your kitchen and then empty the contents into the green bin for collection.

If I put my caddy out for collection will it be emptied?

No, you should tip the contents of the caddy into your green bin and then put your green bin out for emptying on the normal day of collection.

I live in a flat with a communal bin store and don't have a green bin service. Will I now get a food waste collection?

Sorry no. Your collection service will not change at the moment.

What sort of food can I put in my green bin?

You can put all raw and cooked food leftovers in the bin, for example:

  • fruit, salad, vegetable waste
  • egg shells
  • stale bread, cakes, pastries
  • rice, pasta, lentils
  • red meat and poultry (raw and cooked, including bones)
  • fish (raw and cooked, including bones)
  • plate scrapings
  • tea bags, coffee grounds

Can I put plastic bags in my green bin?

No, you must not put any kind of plastic bags in the caddy or green bin, even the ones which say they are compostable - they don't rot down in the process, and would spoil the compost.

Can I line the bottom of the caddy or green bin with card or paper?

No, starches, inks and coatings from card packaging and paper print reduces the quality of the compost and it will not reach strict high standards so it can be used as a compost product.

Can I use compostable paper liners in my caddy?

No. The facility we are delivering our food and garden waste to will not accept any kind of bags as they will not break down during their process. They are currently doing some trials to see if they can identify a bag which would be acceptable.

What if my bin gets dirty?

Green bins become dirty from garden waste. You are now asked to mix all food waste with your garden waste. Ideally, a layer of garden waste is best placed in the bottom of green bins and food waste placed on top.

Can I wash my food caddy and green bin with cleaning products?

Yes, you can wash your caddy and green bin regularly and if detergents are used, please give them a final rinse out with clean water to remove residues and allow to dry before placing garden and food waste in them.

What happens to my food and green waste after collection?

When your food and garden waste is collected, it is taken to a composting facility which can compost all types of food and garden waste in an enclosed facility. The material is shredded and put into special tunnels where air circulation, temperature and moisture is controlled to break down the food and garden waste into compost product and soil conditioner.

The crew have refused to empty my bin in the past because of food waste. What has changed?

When your green bin is emptied, it will be taken to a new facility at Arkwright developed by Derbyshire County Council, where it will be turned into usable soil improver. The new facility is enclosed and able to process raw and cooked food waste, where the previous open air process was only able to treat garden waste.

Can I put cooking oil in my food waste collection?

No, cooking oil and fats cannot be put in with your green bin. You are able to dispose of this at Household Waste Recycling Centres at Stonegravels, Chesterfield and Buttermilk Lane, Duckmanton.

What happens if I put waste in my green bin that can't be composted?

The collection crew will look in green bins to check that the waste is compostable. If the green bin contains other types of waste, such as nappies, plastics, paper or packaging, they will not be able to empty your bin. Unfortunately the bin crew are unable to remove contamination during the collection rounds, and will place a notice on your bin advising why they could not empty it.

Will my black bin be refused if I put food waste in it?

No, you will be able to put your food waste into the green or black (residual waste) bin. It is preferred if you put all your food waste into your green bin as this will help increase composting levels and reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill (via black bins). During hot summer spells you may choose to put raw and cooked food waste in either green or black bins, whichever is due to be emptied next. However, residents are encouraged to place as much food waste in green bins as possible.

Can I put food waste in my blue bin?

No, please do not put any food waste in your blue bin as this contaminates the recycling and the blue bin collection crew will refuse to empty it.

Can I put any other waste in my green bin now?

No, the only change is that raw and cooked food waste is now accepted in the bin.You cannot put other residual black bin waste (e.g. dog, cat faeces, fire ash, card, paper) into the green bins.

I don't have a green bin. Will a caddy be delivered?

We have identified properties with communal bin stores that do not have green bins (e.g. flats) and you will not receive a caddy.

Will my caddy and green bin smell?

Your green bin may smell especially in periods of hot weather. But this should not be an unacceptable smell especially if you keep the lid closed. Your caddy should not smell as you will be emptying it regularly into the green bin- once emptied just rinse with warm water and start again.

Will I get maggots in my caddy and green bin?

You may experience an issue with maggots in your green and black bins if food waste is left exposed, allowing flies to lay their eggs. Putting the food into the caddy as soon as possible and closing the lid will reduce the chance of this. If your green bin collection is not due for over a week, and your black bin is due to be emptied next, you could put your food waste into the black bin, in particular during hot summer spells. However, please put as much of your food waste in your green bin as possible.

My green bin is split/damaged. Can I get a replacement?

If your bin is damaged and unusable, please let us know by calling (01246) 345734.

Can I get another/replacement caddy?

No, sorry, the caddy is a once only delivery. If it gets broken then you will have to replace it yourself. They are available in some local stores, or you could use a large empty ice cream tub or similar or put your food waste straight into your green bin.

Is this a reduction in service and will I get a council tax refund?

No, this is not a reduction in service as you will still receive the same level of bin collections. We are now simply asking you to place food waste in green bins rather than black bins to help improve our environment. This is a positive response to our residents' commitment and desire to recycle more of their household waste.

If you require any further information or advice, please call (01246) 345 734, and staff will be happy to help.

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