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Benefits - Change in Circumstances

What happens if my circumstances change?

The law says you must report a change in circumstances to the council within one calendar month of the date of the change. If you delay and you are entitled to more benefit because of the change you may lose out.

So, get in touch.

Benefit awards are dependent on your household and its finances, and the rent and Council Tax payable. Most changes of circumstances affecting the household are likely to affect your benefit award. Here are examples of the changes we want to know about:

  • Rent changes
  • You or your partner start work, or take an extra job
  • You or your partner change jobs
  • A new baby arrives
  • A child leaves school or moves out
  • Someone comes to live with you or moves out
  • You or your partner’s income goes up or down
  • Tax Credit changes
  • Your or your partner’s capital or savings go up or down
  • DWP benefits stop or start, specially Income Support and Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • Someone goes into hospital
  • Income changes of others in the household
  • Change of address

This isn’t a complete list of everything that can happen.

Reporting changes

Telling us about changes is easy.

You can e-mail details of any changes you wish to report to benefits@chesterfield.gov.uk.

Use this method if you are happy for us to email you.

You can notify changes by telephone to our call centre on 345484 or 345507. You can also write or call into the office at:

Customer Service Centre
PO Box 100
85 New Square
S40 1SN

If we have all the details we need, or we can check things out ourselves, any change to your award will be notified to you within days. Extra benefits will be paid from the date of change, if you have told us within a month. You may lose out if you delay. Submit details of your change now, even if you have to post original documents, to avoid losing out. If you are getting too much benefit you will have to pay it back.

Trial calculations

Use the online benefits calculator to check the effect of any change.

Staff in the office can also calculate the effect of any change change-in-circumstances.pdf .

Complete our online enquiry form.

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