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Election Services

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Chesterfield Borough Council's elections office is responsible for registering electors, conducting elections and taking part in new initiatives to increase the number of people registering to vote. You can contact us at:-

Telephone: 01246 345806 /345290 or 345227 


 Chesterfield Borough residents who are registered to vote can vote to elect people to:
  • Chesterfield Borough Council : ordinary elections for the whole council are held on the first Thursday in May, in every 4th year unless the Secretary of State orders otherwise.  There are 48 councillors who between them represent 19 wards. The next Borough council elections will take place in  May 2015.
  • Derbyshire County Council : 64 councillors are elected from across the country, 9 of whom each represent an electoral division in Chesterfield. Ordinary elections are held on the first Thursday in May every 4 years. Visit Derbyshire County Council website for more information. The next county council elections will take place on 2 May 2013.
  • Staveley Town Council and Brimington Parish Council: ordinary elections are held on the first Thursday in May on the same date as Borough council elections. The next parish council elections will take place in  May 2015.
  • Parliament: the last parliamentary election was on 6th May 2010. The next parliamentary election will be held in May 2015.
  • Vacancies: vacancies can arise at any time when a sitting MP or councillor dies, resigns  or ceases to be qualified to serve and a by - election may therefore be held to fill the vacancy. 
  •  European Parliament: european elections are held every 5 years on a date fixed by the european parliament. The next european election will be in June 2014.  
  • Police Crime Commissioner: These are new elections which commenced in November 2012. The next elections will be held in May 2016.

Links to election services:

Register to vote  

Vote by post 

Vote by proxy 

Election news

Frequently asked questions

Councillors and the wards they represent

Ward maps

Becoming a councillor  

Election results 

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