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Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy

On 23 May 2012 the above policy was amended by the Appeals and Regulatory Committee with the changes being implemented from 4 June 2012. Drivers and operators will no longer be sent copies of the policy and schedules as a matter of course on renewal.

Hackney and Private Hire policy from 04.06.12.pdf

Schedule 1 - Vehicles from 04.06.12.pdf
Schedule 2 Driver Conditions 04.06.12.pdf
Schedule 3 Convictions and penalty points 04.06.12doc.pdf
Schedule 4 Conduct of Licensed Drivers 04.06.12.pdf
Schedule 5 Application Guidance 04.06.12.pdf
Schedule 6 - Taxi consultative terms of reference from 04.06.12.pdf
Schedule 7 - private hire operators conditions 04.06.12.pdf

If you have any questions or comments regarding the taxi trade in Chesterfield you can contact the licensing department direct on 01246 345230 or email 

The policy is due for review and the attached document highlights all the proposed changes. If you have any comment on the proposals please forward them to the licensing department by 31/07/14. 
Policy under amendment for consultation.pdf

Taxi Consultative Group 

The Taxi Consultative Group meets 4 times a year to discuss matters of concern, enforcement, licensing policy and procedures etc. with local representatives of the taxi trade about matters affecting taxi licensing or the taxi trade.

The TCG acts as a representative body for the whole hackney carriage and private hire trade, ensuring consultation with all licence holders to enable the Council to make fully informed decisions.

Membership of the TCG consists of 3 elected Borough Councillors, 3 hackney carriage licence holders (drivers or owners) and 3 private hire vehicle licence holders (drivers, owners or operators).

The trade representatives for the year 2013/14 are:

Representing Hackney Carriage Licence Holders 
Eric Needham, David Hopton and Mandy Briddon.

Representing Private Hire Licence Holders 
Scott Ashmore (James Brookbank as reserve), Anne Dickens and Stephen Aldersley.

The next meeting of the TCG will take place at the Town Hall on Wednesday 16 July 2014 at 6.00pm.


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