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Historic Environment

The Historic Environment Supplementary Planning Document will outlines and clarifies policies in the Replacement Chesterfield Borough Local Plan (July 2006) relating to the Historic Environment.

The overarching aim of this document is to protect and conserve the locally distinctive characteristics of the Borough’s existing townscapes and landscapes whilst also ensuring that new development respects and/or enhances the existing character of distinctive localities. 

The main objectives of the Historic Environment SPD are:

  •  To provide guidance on the historic environment which should be considered in formulating development and assessing development proposals
  •  To promote better understanding and appreciation of the historic environment
  •  To protect and enhance the historic environment
  •  To ensure that all development proposal take account of local distinctiveness 
  •  To make the historic environment accessible to everyone and ensure that it is seen as something with which the whole society can identify and engage. 
  •  Explain how the protection of the historic environment and the promotion of opportunities for change can contribute to sustainable development.

The document is currently at the scoping stage.  The scoping document below identifies the scope or range of matters that the supplementary planning document will contain.

Chesterfield Borough Council sought comments on the scope of the Historic Environment Supplementary Planning Document and its associated Sustainability Appraisal.  When adopted, the Historic Environment SPD will provide guidance on how the Borough Council will operate its planning polices in respect to the preservation and enhancement of the historic environment. The scoping documents identify the scope or range of matters that the supplementary planning document will contain.


The council is also required by law to ensure that every policy and plan contributes to sustainable development. The accompanying sustainability appraisal scoping document proposes a framework for testing how far the desired objectives of the policy guidance will contribute to sustainable development.


Historic Environment SPD Scoping Report

Historic Environment SA Scoping Report

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