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The homelessness prevention team can offer help to prevent homelessness. You may find yourself homeless, if you:

  • have been asked to leave by family or friends
  • have received notice from your landlord
  • are in mortgage arrears or threat of repossession
  • have rent arrears owing to a council, housing association or private landlord
  • have any other reason which means you cannot stay in your usual home

Contact us

The homelessness prevention team can be contacted on 01246 345 825. Normal office hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8.30am to 4.30pm
Wednesday: 10am to 4.30pm
Friday: 8.30 am to 4pm
E-mail: homelessness.prevention@chesterfield.gov.uk

You will normally be made an appointment within two weeks of approaching the service, depending on the urgency of your circumstances. If you have nowhere to safely stay that evening, you will be given an appointment on the day or asked to attend the emergency service provided between 1.30pm and 4pm.

If you need specialist advice you may be referred to:

  • a solicitor
  • Derbyshire Law Centre
  • Chesterfield Citizen’s Advice Bureau
  • On the Move, the council's choice-based lettings scheme

Help to get a private tenancy

The council operates a bond guarantee scheme for Chesterfield residents with limited income who are threatened with homelessness. See the leaflet below for further information.

Homeless applications

The council has a duty to find accommodation for some people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. Sometimes it will be necessary to make an application under homelessness legislation. When a household makes a homeless application they are interviewed to assess their housing status and circumstances. We understand that being homeless, or threatened with homelessness, can be a very frightening experience and we will do everything possible to assist. After the interview we will carefully consider your circumstances and make a decision on how we can help. A decision is usually made within 6 weeks of the interview.

If we accept a full duty to assist you, the current Council policy states that homeless persons will receive one offer of accommodation anywhere in the borough. Applicants should ensure that the homeless officer is aware of any areas of the Borough where they would be unsafe or if there are exceptional reasons why an area is unsuitable.

If it is decided that we cannot assist you under the homeless legislation you will be offered appropriate advice and assistance to help you to obtain your own accommodation.

I have nowhere to stay

If you have nowhere to stay safely while your case is being investigated, you may be placed into interim accommodation for as short a time as possible. This maybe in:

  • A Chesterfield Borough Council interim tenancy that you can move your furniture into
  • A South Yorkshire Housing Association interim tenancy some of which are furnished
  • Hostel accommodation
  • Bed and Breakfast accommodation

All households placed into interim accommodation must abide by the tenancy conditions and/or rules of the landlord. If you are asked to leave the interim accommodation, the council may not have a further duty to provide you with any more interim accommodation.

If you are not eligible for housing benefit, you may be required to pay a contribution towards the cost of your stay.

Homeless emergency

If you find yourself homeless because of an emergency situation, outside of office hours or at the weekend, please call Derbyshire County Council for advice and assistance.

Please telephone 0845 605 8058 or 01629 532 600.

Getting help and finding out more

Tenancy bond scheme

The Tenancy Bond Guarantee Scheme helps Chesterfield residents access private rented accommodation. The funding is limited and there are conditions which must be met.

* Please note that on page 6 of this document, there are two changes:
  1. If you are single and aged under 35, housing benefit will be assessed using the shared accommodation rate.
  2. If you are a couple with no one else living with you, and you live in shared accommodation, the shared rate will also apply to you.
The Derbyshire Law Centre offers free, confidential help and advice. They can be contacted at 1 Rose Hill East (located on the lower ground floor of the town hall) and by phone on (01246) 550674

Worried about paying your mortgage?

The NHAS Mortgate Advice Leaflet explains what help is available and the homelessness prevention service can help advise you about your options, including Mortgage Rescue Scheme and Homeowner Mortgage Support Scheme.

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