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Housing Benefit Advice Documents

Housing Benefit Claims and Advice

 Claim Form (PDF Format 641KB)
 What papers do we need? (PDF Format 383KB)
 Council Tenant Checklist (PDF Format 222KB)
 Overpayment (PDF Format 62KB)
 What if the decision is wrong? (PDF Format 61KB)
 Backdated Benefits (PDF Format 458KB)
 Discretionary Housing Payments
 Two Homes? (PDF Format 260KB)
 Housing Benefit for Private Tenants (PDF Format 306KB)
 Self Employed Earnings Declaration (PDF Format 389KB)
 Benefit Claim Review (PDF Format 678KB)
 Housing and Council Tax Benefit Review Form (PDF Format 31KB)
 Second Adult Rebate (PDF Format 131KB) 
Receiving Your Payment

 BACs Pay Direct (PDF Format 78KB)
 Payment of Housing Benefit to Bank Accounts (PDF Format 37KB)
 Basic Bank Accounts (PDF Format 98KB)

When Things Change

 Change of Circumstances (PDF Format 3MB)
 Temporary Absence (PDF Format 31KB)


 A Guide for Landlords (PDF Format 43KB) 
 Landlord Newsletter - Issue 4, April 2007 (PDF Format 176KB)
 Landlord Newsletter - Issue 5, February 2008 (PDF Format 196KB)
 Landlord Newsletter - Issue 6, May 2009 (PDF Format 114KB)
 Landlord Newsletter - Issue 7, June 2010  (PDF Format 767KB)

Benefit Fraud

 Interview Under Caution (PDF Format 541KB)
 After the Interview Under Caution (PDF Format 764KB)
 Suspension of Housing Benefit (PDF Format 771KB)
 Fraud Newsletter February 2007 (PDF Format 2.6MB)
 Fraud Newsletter April 2008 (PDF Format 373KB)
 Fraud Newsletter June 2009 (PDF Format 1.2 MB )

Our Service To You

 Housing Benefit Service Standards (PDF Format 136KB)
 Safeguards Policy (PDF Format 80 KB)
 Have We Got It Right? (PDF Format 242KB)
 Authorised Officer (PDF Format 752KB)
 Discretionary Housing Payments Policy Document (PDF Format 63KB)

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Town Hall
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Tel: 01246 345345
Text: 07960 910264
Fax: 01246 345252

In Person At:-
Customer Service Centre
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