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Local Development Framework

The Local Development Framework (LDF) is a set of documents which together will provide the spatial planning strategy for the borough to guide development and decisions on planning applications.

There are three Development Plan Documents (DPDs) which form the statutory development plan. They are the Local Plan; Core Strategy, the Local Plan; Sites and Boundaries and the Staveley and Rother Valley Corridor Area Action Plan . The policies and proposals in these documents are set out on a Proposals Map.

There is a set of Supplementary Planning Documents to provide extra guidance on certain issues.

The LDF also contains:

- Statement of Community Involvement – setting out how we will consult the community on planning policies and proposals

- Local Development Scheme – the programme for work on the Development Plan Documents

- Saved policies from the 2006 Replacement Chesterfield Borough Local Plan

For further information contact the Forward Planning team on 01246-345790 or email

Minerals and waste local development documents are prepared by Derbyshire County Council.

The Revocation Order for the East Midlands Regional Strategy (SI 2013/629) came into force on 12th April 2013. The Regional Strategy is therefore no longer part of the Local Development Framework.

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