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3-bin system

The 3-bin system started 31 October 2011 and was amended in May 2013.

The body of the blue bin:

Yes please    

No thanks
  • cans, tins
  • clean aluminium foil
  • aluminium food trays
  • metal lids from jars and bottles ( please rinse)
  • most household plastics, eg, bottles (take tops off please but these can be put in the bin loose for recycling)
  • yoghurt pots, food trays (all rinsed and squashed please) clean plant pots, carrier bags etc.

Paper, card and corrugated cardboard:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • glossy magazines
  • brochures
  • shredded paper
  • catalogues and directories (including yellow pages direct mail)
  • envelopes (please tear out any windows)
  • greetings cards and wrapping paper (please remove all tape and plastic)
  • polystyrene trays
  • large plastic items, eg, buckets
  • children's plastic toys
  • waxed or laminated packaging, eg, drinks cartons (tetra paks) and some frozen food boxes
  • photographs
 The inner caddy:
Yes please No thanks
All glass bottles and jars (rinsed out please)
  • pyrex and drinking glasses
  • window glass
  • light bulbs

Batteries should be placed in a clear bag and tied to the handle of the blue bin on collection day.

The top of the lid of the blue bin:                  

Broken or unwanted small electrical items can be placed on top of the lid of the blue bin on collection day. See a list of acceptable items.

Please use your bin and caddy for the materials listed above. Please do not mix glass with other materials. This will lead to contamination of our loads and could mean rejection at the sorting facility.

The green bin is for:    

 Not for:

  • grass cuttings
  • prunings
  • windfalls
  • flowers
  • plants
  • weeds   
  • food and kitchen waste including fruit and vegetable
  • cooked food left overs - pasta, meat & fish ( raw and cooked including bones)
  • rice, bread and pastries
  • pet bedding from small animals, eg, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster
  • cardboard
  • plastic bags or liners of any sort including biodegradable bags
  • soil and stones
  • dog or cat waste
  • wallpaper
  • timber or plywood
  • plastic or corn starch compostable bags
The black/grey bin is for:Not for:
 Anything else that cannot be recycled
  • anything recyclable which can go in the blue bin and insert caddy
  • garden waste which can go in the green bin
  • DIY items, eg, paint and oil
  • hazardous waste, eg, baits, poisons and garden sprays
  • bricks and rubble