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What is a review?

The Review process represents a key protection for the community where problems associated with the Licensing Objections occur after the grant or variation of a Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate.

The review procedure enables certain parties to present evidence to a licensing hearing panel addressing the problems associated with a particular premises that holds a licence/certificate. The review must be in relation to at least one of the licensing objectives. On presenting this evidence a panel can decide the relevant course of action i.e. revoke the licence, suspend the licence, amend the licence by adding conditions or restricting the licensable activities and hours or they can refuse the review, which would leave the licence/certificate in its current format.

No more than one review will normally be permitted within any 12-month period on substantially similar grounds, except in exceptional and compelling circumstances or where it arises following a closure order by police. The Act provides provisions for the licensing authority to consider whether the review application is repetitious, vexatious and/or frivolous and therefore refuse the application on this basis.

There are no fees payable to the council for any party or individual who applies for a review of an existing licence/certificate.

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