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Yoga In Pregnancy

Yoga in Pregnancy

A 12 session program for women over 14 weeks pregnant

Queen’s Park Sports Centre, Chesterfield

starts: Mon Sept 23rd        5.00 – 6.00      £2.50 per class

Healthy Living Centre, Staveley

starts: Thurs Sept 26th    5.00 – 6.00     £2.50 per class

Week 1: Introduction to yoga and pregnancy

·        General precautions for yoga during pregnancy i.e. creating a wise and safe practice.

·        The benefits of yoga for mother and child.

·        The complete yogic breath and ujjayi breathing.

·        Meditation on the breath.

·        What are the pelvic floor muscles and why are they important (techniques to help strengthen these muscles)?


Week 2: Modified sun salutation (Surya Namaskar)


·        A safe and modified sun salutation sequence which can be practised on a regular basis during pregnancy. This short sequence will help to strengthen and tone your whole body whilst increasing flexibility, circulation and energy levels.

Week 3: Healthy lifestyle choices

·        Simple changes that can be made to your lifestyle to help increase your health and well being during pregnancy e.g. a balanced diet, regular exercise and complimentary therapies. 

·        Derbyshire Antenatal & Postnatal Healthy Lifestyle Programme, Health Referral & Waist Wise.

Week 4:  First aid yoga for common ailments during pregnancy

·        A set of postures to help ease many of the common complications that can develop during pregnancy e.g. constipation, sickness, varicose veins, fluid retention (oedema), backache, tiredness, cramps, carpel tunnel syndrome.  

Week 5: Meditation

·       What is meditation and mantra and what are their benefits during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond?

Week 6: Partner yoga and inversions

·        Understanding the techniques and benefits of partner yoga.

·        Inversion techniques including modification, precautions and benefits.

Week 7:  Optimal Foetal Positioning (OFP)

·        What is OFP and why is it important?

·        How can yoga encourage OFP before delivery and during labour?

Week 8: Releasing fear and promoting relaxation

·        Identifying fears and techniques to help release these fears from the mind and body.

·        The value of relaxation during pregnancy.

Week 9 & 10:  Preparation for labour/birth

·        The onset of labour and stages of labour.

·        Labour management techniques to ease the delivery for both mother and child.

·        Understanding Caesarean Section and episiotomy.

Week 11:  Dealing with change and releasing negative emotions

·        How to prepare mentally and physically for the future.

·        Techniques to help alleviate emotional states and remain grounded.

Week 12:  Postnatal recovery plan

·        Safe and wise practices following the birth of your baby (including after caesareans and episiotomy).

·        What is post natal depression and how can I help post natal depression?

·        How to re –establish a regular yoga practice



Instructor Katie Dickinson contact 07715167391 katie@chesterfieldyogaclass.co.uk  www.chesterfieldyogaclass.co.uk

www.chesterfield.gov.uk contact 01246 345669


Queen's Park Sports Centre
Boythorpe Road,
S40 2ND.

Tel Bookings:
01246 345 555
Tel Enquiries:
01246 345 559

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