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Waist Wise

Small changes can make a 'big' difference.

WaistWise is a weight management course for men or women who want to reduce weight and get healthy. The course is run by trained course leaders who provide you with the knowledge and skills to;

  • Lose weight from around your waist
  • Increase your levels of physical activity
  • Help you plan for a healthy and balanced lifestyle

The benefits

People who have attended the WaistWise programme said they benefitted from:

  • Having more energy to do the things you want
  • Feeling better about how you move, look and feel in yourself
  • Breathing better and sleeping well.

The course

You will be placed onto a 12 week programme, during which you can attend as often as you like at a subsidised fee per session.The WaistWise course is delivered in a relaxed and fun environment where you make the choices. Each session is two hours long, split into:

  • A gentle exercise session - designed to suit everyone's needs and taught by qualified, experienced instructors
  • An information session - sitting down with a tea or coffee, this is an opportunity to learn and talk about the body, nutrition, health and activity levels.

Is it for me?

WaistWise is not about short term answers or fad diets - it's about making small changes to what you eat and drink and being more active. Carrying extra weight around your middle (through a 'pot belly' or 'beer gut') can really slow you down, make you feel tired and sluggish and could mean you are more at risk of developing Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes and other illnesses.

As well as reducing weight, WaistWise has been shown to help:

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Improve mobility
  • Reduce the effects of arthritis
  • Improve mental health
  • Improve heart and lung fitness
  • Lower your risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke and some Cancers.

To register

Contact your Practice Nurse at your GP surgery and inform her of your decision. They will work out your Body Mass Index (BMI) to make sure you qualify for a place.

For further information contact the WaistWise team on:

Tel: 01246 868468

Other useful links

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  • Jog Derbyshire - get fit, find a jogging group in your area or become a jog leader.

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