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Chesterfield Borough Council is responsible for the recovery and kennelling of all stray dogs within its boundary.

Our Dog Control Officers can seize and detain any stray or unaccompanied dog found in a public place. The owner will be charged for all costs connected with this and there is also a £25 penalty to be paid, set by Government.

Losing your dog can be expensive as well as traumatic.

Finding a stray dog

If you find a stray dog you must do one of the following:

  • Return the dog to its owner
  • Contact the Dog Warden Service to arrange for it to be collected as soon as possible, the owner may have already reported it as a lost dog.
  • Keep the dog for a month after notifying the Dog Warden Service that you have found a stray, and return it to the owner if they come forward.

If you need to report a stray dog or need any advice on this subject please telephone 01246 345734 when the office is open (8.30am to 5pm).

At all other times please call Careline on 0300 323 0076. The Council provides a reception point for dogs found out of hours and you must take it to the approved kennels at such times. You must phone first and this service is only for dogs found in the Chesterfield Borough area.

Dog Collars and Tags

A collar and tag can save you money if you lose your dog in Chesterfield. It is an offence for a dog to not be wearing a collar and tag.

If the Dog Control Officers find a dog with a collar and tag they will, on the first occasion and if possible, return him to his rightful owner, in this instance there is a £25 fine payable by the owner of a seized dog in line with Regulation 2 of the Environmental Protection (Stray Dogs) Regulations 1992. Any strays that we cannot identify are kennelled for eight days from the date of capture. Owners reclaiming strays have to pay a minimum charge, an administration fee plus kennelling costs for the time the dog has been looked after. If they have not been reclaimed after the eight days, the kennels rehome the dogs.

Lost Dogs

If you lose your dog in the Borough contact us as we may know his whereabouts and will keep an eye out for him. As dogs can walk some distance you may also need to contact neighbouring councils in case it is found in their area.

There are a variety of websites on the internet that provide a lost and found pet register it is worth looking at these as well.

Dogs found dead on the highway may be removed by our street cleansing operatives. These dogs will be scanned for microchips if possible. We will always try and reunite a dog with its owner.

Unclaimed stray dogs

After eight days unclaimed dogs are gifted to Canis Ltd at Old Whittington, who look after all of the Council's stray dogs in accordance with the legislation. The Council is required to look after strays for seven days and after that time can gift, sell or euthanase the dog. Sometimes for medical or behavioural reasons a dog will be put to sleep before this time. Our officers work with Derbyshire Dog Rehoming at Broomhill Farm to find new homes for unclaimed strays. If you are interested in adopting a dog look at the rehoming page on Facebook or call 01246 456781 and speak to Jenny.

For further information including the costs associated with stray dogs see the other page Stray Dogs

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