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Stray dogs

If you lose your dog, it can be very traumatic. You should:

  • Contact us if you lose your dog in the borough. We may know where it is.
  • Contact neighbouring councils as dogs can walk some distance.
  • Register with local lost and found pet registers.
  • Ask someone to stay at home while you search for your dog.
  • Give your mobile number to a neighbour in case your dog returns.

Contact us

Office hours, call us on 01246 345 345.
8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday
8.30am to 4.30pm Friday

If you contact us during office hours, we will take a detailed description of your dog and check our records to see if we have found it. If you notify us your dog is missing and we later find it, then we will return the dog to you straight away. There is a £25 fee for this service.

If we have already found your dog and it has been placed in kennels before you contact us, then you can arrange to go to the kennels and collect it. There is a fee for kennels as listed below. 

Outside of office hours, call us on 0300 323 0076.

If you call us outside of office hours, you will be put in contact with the kennels. You can then arrange to visit and collect your dog, if they have it.

Stray dog kennelling charges

The following fees apply for kennelling stray or lost dogs.

Fine = £25.00
Administration fee =  £10.00
Boarding per day, or part day = £15.50

The fine and administration charges are one-off fees, so you can use the guide below to see how much you would pay, depending how long your dog has been kennelled.

Day 1 = £50.50
Day 2 = £66.00
Day 3 = £81.50
Day 4 = £97.00
Day 5 = £112.50
Day 6 = £128.00
Day 7 = £143.50
Day 8 = £159.00

After eight days, a dog is considered unclaimed.

Please note that dogs will only be returned once the full kennelling costs have been paid. This can be done by cash, debit or credit card.

Unclaimed stray dogs

After eight days unclaimed dogs are gifted to Canis Ltd at Old Whittington, who look after all of the council's stray dogs in accordance with the legislation. The council is required to look after strays for seven days and after that time, it can gift, sell or euthanase the dog.

Sometimes for medical or behavioural reasons a dog will be put to sleep before this time.

Our officers also work with Derbyshire Dog Rehoming at Broomhill Farm to find new homes for unclaimed strays.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, please check the rehoming page on Facebook or call 01246 456 781.

Complete our online enquiry form.

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