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Land Charges and Searches Service

We receive land search requests from solicitors, licensed conveyancers and personal search companies on behalf of their clients for land and property transactions within the Chesterfield Borough Council area. If you need clarification as to whether the property falls within the Chesterfield Borough boundary contact Land Charges .

We will provide you with up to date and accurate information for your property search needs. The Local Land Charges Register and associated records are maintained and updated on a daily basis.

What is a Standard Search?

This is a full and comprehensive search of the Council's property records. We answer a series of questions contained in form CON29, Enquiries of a local authority. Forms are usually submitted to us through a solicitor, licensed conveyancer or legal practitioner. Form LLC1 reveals entries contained in the Local Land Charges Register that affect the property. These entries are searched to make sure there are no hidden surprises such as:

  • A new bypass planned for the bottom of your garden
  • notices requiring you to take action to remedy outstanding problems with property
  • planning consents that have conditions attached
  • tree preservation orders
  • listed buildings
  • conservation areas
  • smoke control orders.

The Council is the only body empowered by legislation to sign form LLC1.

Items revealed on the CON29 part of the application form relate to Planning, Highways, Environmental Health, Housing and Building Control issues. It is not possible to answer all of the CON29 questions by simply inspecting public records. An additional set of optional questions, CON29 part 2, can be submitted if solicitors require specific additional information. We can answer these and solicitors' own questions on payment of the relevant fees

A Standard search (our full and comprehensive search) comprising of form LLC1 and CON29 Part 1, 2007 Edition costs £109.00

To help home buyers understand the facts about property searches Land Data have prepared a guide to searches, available here.

Can I submit an Electronic Search request?


Using electronic methods to submit your searches reduces overheads and can cut out the lengthy process of submitting paper forms. NLIS is a one stop shop for land and property related information held by many local authorities, water companies and coal authorities. NLIS also offers access to the most up to date ordnance survey mapping. By using electronic methods to request searches, you could save on photocopying, postage, telephone and cheque costs. You may be able to pass these savings on to your customers.

We are able to receive electronic search requests for the LLC1, CON29 and additional questions through the National Land Information Service (NLIS) Hub.

Customers can access the National Land Information Service website for further information.

To set up an account with the NLIS hub you can contact or register with one of the two channel providers listed below.

Tel: 0870 990 9946

Property Insight
Tel: 0118 925 1504

We are also able to receive and return searches by DX Mail. Please find DX Mail's contact details below.

Our Land Charges DX Address is: 12356 CHESTERFIELD.

DX Mail
Tel: 01753 630 630

What is a Personal Search?

A personal search is a search of the Local Land Charges Register only, carried out in accordance with the Local Land Charges Act (1975) and the Local Land Charges Rules (1977), as amended. In addition to obtaining information relating to entries in the Local Land Charges register, personal callers can inspect the Council's statutory public registers. It is not possible to answer all of the CON29 standard enquiry form questions by only inspecting the authority's public registers.

Anyone can carry out a personal search.

Additional CON29 Questions end of year data 2009/10

View our annual 2009/10 statement (PDF Format 30KB)

Other useful contacts

Drainage, water and Severn Trent search provision enquiries should be referred to:

Severn Trent Searches Ltd
PO Box 6187
Tel: 0115 9627269
E-mail: searches@severntrent.co.uk

Contact the Land Registry for land ownership enquiries:

Land Registry
Nottingham Office
Chalfont Drive
Tel: 0115 9351166

Chesterfield Borough Council
Visitor Information Centre
Rykneld Square
S40 1SB

Tel: 01246 345777/8
Fax: 01246 345770

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