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Public open space consultation

Public open space consultation

We’re asking residents, businesses and interested parties for their opinions on public open space in the borough.

Open Spaces Consultation

Chesterfield has a variety of public open spaces - from the Chesterfield canal towpath to small local play areas and the larger parks such as Queen's Park.

Public open space provides opportunities for sport and recreation, socialising, tourism and wildlife, making an important contribution to the health and well-being of communities, ecosystems and economies.

We need to understand who is using public open spaces now, how often they are used, the quality of those spaces, how people get to them and what they are being used for. 

By understanding our public open space as it is now, we can make sure that in future we have a good mix of different sites across the borough that meets the needs of our local communities and visitors.

What are we doing?

We have commissioned a company called Knight, Kavannah and Page to carry out a study into the public open spaces in the borough, as well as local needs and aspirations for the future.

This work involves asking for your views on our public open spaces and play spaces*.

How to get involved

You can have your say by completing our online open space survey and telling us what you think of our current open spaces and how you use them.

We are also asking for young people's views on children's parks and play areas in Chesterfield.

Paper copies of the surveys are also available at our Customer Service Centre, Queen's Park Sports Centre, the Healthy Living Centre and Chesterfield Library.

The consultation will run from Monday 16 April 2018 to 5pm on Friday 1 June 2018.

This study doesn't include sports pitches and facilities as these types of open spaces are already part of our playing pitch strategy.

Frequently asked questions about the public open space survey

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The information will help us plan to ensure we have a good mix of different open space sites across the borough that meet the current and future needs of local residents. 

To do this we need to find out:

  • who is using them now
  • how often they use them
  • what they think about the quality of those open spaces
  • how people access them (eg by foot, by car etc)
  • what activities they are being used for (eg is a play area mainly used by young children or teenagers)

And then to understand how that might change in the future we are looking to find out:

  • if we have the right type and quality of open spaces near enough to where people live for them to be used regularly in the future
  • what users think would improve the existing open spaces

The Government asks all local planning authorities, like us, to carry out studies which identify the right level of accessible, open spaces to meet the needs of local communities, residents and visitors.

This survey is looking at most types of open spaces apart from sports pitches and facilities, as these are covered in another existing strategy.

We are including: 

  • local parks or gardens
  • county parks
  • nature reserves, commons or woodlands
  • play areas for young children
  • play areas for teenage children
  • grassed areas
  • allotments and community schemes
  • public space areas within cemeteries and churchyards
  • civic spaces and war memorial gardens
  • cyclepaths, footpaths and bridleways.

Knowing the area you live in helps us to better understand issues and trends in that specific area. For instance, it can indicate that a particular need exists in a specific neighbourhood or how far people are travelling to use a particular open space. 

This can help us plan how much open space is needed and what investment needs to be made to deliver the facilities and recreational opportunities that residents need.

Knowing the gender, age group etc of people completing the survey allows us to see how people’s perception about, and use of, open spaces may differ according to those demographic factors.

Approximately 10 minutes. The survey must be completed in one session (it cannot be partially completed and then returned to at a later stage).

The survey is open until 5pm on Friday 1 June 2018.

After that date all the responses will be analysed and used to help create an Open Spaces Strategy for the Chesterfield borough, which will help to guide future council decision making and policies. It will also be used to inform the council’s Local Plan, to make sure enough new open space is planned when new development happens.

Last updated on 14 May 2018