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Here you will find information about the consultations we carry out with local residents, businesses and people that use our services. 

Many of our consultations are now available to complete online.

Not all of the consultations listed below will be open to all members of the public – some are aimed at particular interest groups, and some are only open to a randomly selected group of residents. You can find out more information about the approach to each consultation below.

If no information is displayed below then we do not have any consultations currently running. If you can't find the information you are looking for, please contact our policy team on 01246 345247 or email

Current consultations

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Our housing team carries out a range of satisfaction surveys at various times and intervals.

Ongoing surveys

Satisfaction surveys are carried out for the following services:

  • Capital works
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Tenancy sustainment
  • Adaptations
  • Allocation of a property

These are 'invite only' surveys that are sent to residents who use the services.

The surveys run throughout the year and reports are collated either quarterly or annually, depending on the number of responses that have been received.

Annual satisfaction surveys

The following satisfaction surveys are carried out once per year:

  • Gardening assistance
  • Careline and support service

'STAR' survey

The STAR survey (survey of tenants and residents) is carried out once every two years.

See results of previous STAR surveys here.

Tenant involvement and engagement

The housing service has a dedicated tenant participation team that helps tenants to get involved in decisions that affect their homes and neighbourhoods.  

Find out more about tenant involvement.

Decants policy consultation

A decant is where a Chesterfield Borough Council tenant must move out of their home on a temporary or permanent basis due to:

  • an emergency situation
  • where there are planned major works
  • as the result of demolition

We give support and assistance to our tenants when this happens. Decants are not a new thing and we have been carrying out large scale decants of sheltered scheme tenants when refurbishment is needed for many years.

To ensure that tenants can clearly see what they can expect from us throughout the decant process, we have written down what we will do in a proposed new policy.

Before we seek to formally adopt the new policy, we would like tenants’ views on the service we are offering and the circumstances in which we will offer it. This will enable us to make sure that the proposed policy is easily understandable and covers all our tenants needs.

Once tenants’ views have been considered, the proposed policy will be revised where necessary before being adopted for use in future decants.

Before completing the decants policy questionnaire, please take a moment to read the proposed Decants Policy.

Decant Policy PDF (PDF 176 KB)

Link to Questionnaire

Past or 'closed' consultations

When a consultation has finished we gather all the information we have received and use it to help us make a decision, develop a policy or improve the way we deliver a service.

Take a look at our closed consultations

Last updated on 19 February 2020