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Bins at new properties

Bins at new properties

If you move into a newly built or newly converted property that does not have bins, you need to contact us to order them. 

Most domestic properties have three standard sized wheelie bins:

  • black bin for general waste
  • green bin for garden and food waste
  • blue bin and inner caddy for recycling

If you move into a new build home, or a home that has just been converted, you may not yet have wheelie bins.

Contact us as soon as you can to arrange delivery of bins to your property. All new bins will be standard 240 litre wheelie bins. 

There is a charge for providing wheelie bins to new properties:

  • one bin - £45
  • two bins - £79
  • three bins - £91

Are your bins missing?

If you move into a property that has been occupied before, but the bins are missing or broken, please contact us to arrange replacement bins. (link to bin issues form).

Request your bins here

Flats and shared properties

Properties containing more than one home (such as flats or older people's accommodation) may share larger communal bins. 

Information for developers

When designing new residential properties, developers must provide space and a convenient location for bins to be stored.

Waste Collection and Recycling Storage PDF (PDF 259 KB)

Last updated on 09 April 2021