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RSS feeds

RSS feeds are an easy way to view frequently updated content such as news items and events.

How to subscribe to an RSS feed

When a feed is available on our website, there will be a link to this page beside the relevant content, highlighted by an orange RSS icon .

From this page you can find the feed you are interested in, then copy and paste the link of the feed into your feed reader, or drag it to your reader to subscribe.

Some browsers display the orange RSS icon in the browser tool bar when they find a feed on the page you are viewing. Clicking on this will display the feed and provide further instructions on how to subscribe.

RSS feeds from a website can also be displayed on other websites as headlines. If you are using Microsoft Outlook you need to: 

  • go to Microsoft Outlook
  • find your RSS feeds folder 
  • right click and choose Add a new RSS feed
  • paste the relevant link from the list below and press Add

Last updated on 04 March 2016