Sites and boundaries

Sites and boundaries

The Local Plan; Sites and Boundaries will set out how land across the borough could be used over the next 20 years, and will set out specific sites for development as well as those that should be retained as open space.

The Sites and Boundaries document will identify potential sites and boundaries for things like new housing, employment areas, green infrastructure, town centres, regeneration priority areas and the green belt.

Chesterfield Borough Council consulted people about the Local Plan; Sites and Boundaries Issues and Options document over the period from Friday 16 November 2012 to Friday 22 February 2013. The representation that were received are available to view through the link to the Sites and Boundaries Issues and Options Representation page.

You can find out more by contacting Alan Morey on 01246 345 371or by email at

Below are copies of the document that were available during the issues and options consultation.


Consultation documents

The Sites and Boundaries document has been split up into sections below to allow detailed maps of each site and boundary to be contained in the consultation document. The content in each section mirrors what is contained in the document above, with the addition of the detailed plans.

All maps relevant to the section are at the end of each document.

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
Sites and Boundaries: DPD Issues and Options Consultation PDF (PDF 8.66 MB)
Sites and Boundaries: Questions for Consideration PDF (PDF 16 KB)
Sites and Boundaries: Sustainability Appraisal PDF (PDF 3.94 MB)
1–4 Introduction and Methodology PDF (PDF 1.06 MB)
5 Residential PDF (PDF 18 MB)
6 Employment PDF (PDF 6.99 MB)
7 Centres and Retail PDF (PDF 15.47 MB)
8 Regeneration Priority Areas PDF (PDF 6.33 MB)
9 Complex Development Allocation Sites PDF (PDF 1019 KB)
10 Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Green Space Designation PDF (PDF 10.96 MB)
11 Green Belt PDF (PDF 8.34 MB)
12 Infrastructure Safeguarding Sites PDF (PDF 2.88 MB)
13 Renewable Energy PDF (PDF 7.02 MB)
14 Historic Environment PDF (PDF 1.77 MB)
15 Transport PDF (PDF 8.64 MB)
16 Place Shaping Policies PDF (PDF 3.77 MB)
17–18 Travellers Sites and Other Requirements PDF (PDF 236 KB)
19 Guide to Making Comments PDF (PDF 234 KB)

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