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Housing benefit and council tax support

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What is Housing and Council Tax Support?

Housing Benefit is a benefit that helps you to pay your rent if you have a low income. Council Tax Support is help towards paying your Council Tax charge. They are both administered by Chesterfield Borough Council. Housing Benefit is administered on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions. Most people who have a liability for rent or Council Tax can claim, although your age or circumstances may affect how much help you can get. Whatever income you receive will be taken into account to see if you qualify. We also need to know who else lives in your property. For details on how to claim Housing and Council Tax Support please click here.


I am a single adult, of qualifying age for Pension Credit, but my income is too high to qualify for Council Tax Support

Even if you do not qualify for Council Tax Support you may still be able to have your Council Tax charge reduced.

If you are single, of qualifying age for Pension Credit, but have other adults living with you who have low incomes, your Council Tax charge could be reduced by claiming Second Adult Rebate. We will need proof of the income of all the other adults in your property. Contact the Benefits Section to find out how to claim.

If you are the only adult over 18 in your property, your charge could be reduced by 25%. You need to contact the Council Tax Billing section.

Read more about Council Tax discounts.


Non-dependant deductions

The amount of benefit you get will be reduced if you have someone living with you who is not dependant on you. This is called a non-dependant deduction. We will not reduce your benefit by this amount if you are registered blind or get Attendance Allowance, the care component of Disability Living Allowance or the daily living component of Personal Independence Payment. We need you to tell us if these circumstances apply to you. Are we making a deduction for a non-dependant living with you when we shouldn’t?

Deductions from 1 April 2013

Non-dependant circumstances

Deduction from Housing Benefit £

Deduction from Council Tax Support £

Aged under 18 years, or on Income Support/JSA(IB) / ESA(IR, assessment phase) and aged under 25, or on a YTS or getting Pension Credit



On Income Support / JSA (IB) / ESA(IR, main phase) and 25 or over



Aged 18 or over, not working or working fewer than 16 hours each week



Aged 18 or over and working 16 hours or more each week with weekly gross income:    
Less than £126.00



£126.00 – £185.99



£186.00 – £241.99



£242.00 – £321.99



£322.00 – £400.99



£401.00 or more



The figures given above are applicable to cases where rent is paid 52 weeks per year. The figures will vary if "rent free" weeks are applicable.


Last updated on 26 September 2016