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Housing Benefit advice documents

Housing Benefit claims and advice

Benefit Claim Review (pdf 677 KB)
Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Claim Form (pdf 2.47 MB)
What Papers Do We Need? (pdf 382 KB)
Benefits Checklist for New Council Tenants (pdf 222 KB)
Benefit Review Form (pdf 31 KB)
What If My Benefits Decision Is Wrong? (pdf 61 KB)
Backdated Benefits (pdf 455 KB)
Discretionary Housing Payments (pdf 1.87 MB)
Housing Benefit Payment on Two Homes (pdf 260 KB)
Housing Benefit for Private Tenants (pdf 306 KB)
Self-Employed Earnings Declaration (pdf 389 KB)
Second Adult Rebate (pdf 131 KB)

Receiving your payment

BACs Pay Direct Form (pdf 78 KB)
Basic Bank Accounts (pdf 98 KB)
Payment of Housing Benefit to Bank Account (pdf 37 KB)

When things change

Benefits Change of Circumstances (pdf 3.03 MB)
Temporary Absence from Home (pdf 31 KB)


Housing Benefit Guide for Landlords (pdf 43 KB)
Landlord Newsletter April 2007 (pdf 176 KB)
Landlord Newsletter February 2008 (pdf 196 KB)
Landlord Newsletter May 2009 (pdf 113 KB)
Landlord Newsletter June 2010 (pdf 766 KB)

Benefit fraud

Interview under Caution (pdf 541 KB)
After Interview under Caution (pdf 764 KB)
Suspension of Housing Benefit (pdf 771 KB)
Fraud Newsletter 2007 (pdf 2.62 MB)
Fraud Newsletter 2008 (pdf 373 KB)
Fraud Newsletter 2009 (pdf 1.16 MB)

Our service to you

Housing Benefit Service Standards (pdf 136 KB)
Safeguards Policy (pdf 79 KB)
Have We Got It Right? (pdf 242 KB)
Authorised Officer (pdf 752 KB)
Discretionary Housing Payments Policy (pdf 62 KB)

Last updated on 01 February 2016