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I want to claim benefit

I want to claim benefit

Who can apply?

Most people who have a liability for rent or council tax can claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax support, although your age and circumstances may affect how much help you can get.

Look at the list below and select which statement best describes you:

Thinking of moving into accommodation rented from a private landlord?

If you are thinking of moving into a property rented from a private landlord, you can find out how much of your rent could be covered by Housing Benefit. Some elements of your rent charge, such as water rates, heating and lighting, meals and other services are not covered by Housing Benefit. The actual amount of benefit you get may be less than this because of your income and circumstances.

From April 2008 new arrangements mean that you will know the maximum housing benefit for your family no matter where you live.

For information on Local Housing Allowance, click here.

You will still need to fill in a separate application form which asks for more details.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Claim Form (pdf 2.47 MB)

Complete a form and send it to:

Chesterfield Borough Council
Benefits Section
PO Box 100
85 New Square
S40 1SN

Tel: 01246 345 484 / 345 507
Fax: 01246 345 486
Text: 07960 910 264
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Last updated on 31 October 2017