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Clinical waste and sharps (needle) collections

Clinical waste and sharps (needle) collections

Ask your community healthcare worker (such as a district nurse or GP) how to dispose of your clinical waste.

They will complete a risk assessment, based on the type of waste being disposed of, and we will then decide if a special clinical waste collection is needed.

You don't need to contact us to arrange a clinical waste collection, your healthcare worker will do it for you.

There is no charge for clinical waste collections from domestic properties, but we do charge for making collection from residential care homes.

Sharps box collections

If you have 'sharps' waste, such as syringes, hypodermic needles, or finger-stick devices (for testing blood sugar levels etc) your healthcare worker will give you a yellow 'sharps' box that you put them into and keep at home.

When the box is full you should return it and exchange it for an empty one - your healthcare worker will let you know where to take it. Where this is not possible, contact your healthcare worker for advice on what to do.

If you have a problem or query with your clinical waste collection, please contact us.

Discarded needles

Our streetscene team will collect and dispose of needles found in public places, as they can be a hazard to health. Contact us on 01246 345345 during office hours (or on 0300 323 0076 at other times) and we'll arrange to remove them.

We can also clean up needles on private land; this is a chargeable service so please call us on 01246 345345 ask us for a quote (a typical call-out costs around £70). 

Last updated on 20 May 2019