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Waste and recycling updates

Waste and recycling information


Waste and recycling service update

Our waste and recycling collection services will run as normal.

Waste and recycling key contacts

Telephone: 01246 345345

Online contact form: enquiry form

Web page: Bins and recycling

Household Waste Recycling Centres: Derbyshire County Council

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Coronavirus or self isolation waste

If you are self-isolating and have symptoms of Coronavirus, please ensure that you carefully dispose of personal waste like tissues and cleaning cloths. These must be double bagged and stored for 72 hours before placing in your general waste bin. You can not recycle these items; Personal waste must not be put in recycling bins.

Disposal of non-healthcare PPE

Don't put masks, gloves or other personal protective equipment (PPE) in your recycling bin. They cannot be recycled. Please put them in your general waste bin.

If you have coronavirus symptoms or a member of your household has symptoms, you need to take extra precautions before throwing away any PPE or other waste.  This means double bagging these items and storing them for 72 hours before placing them in the bin.

Last updated on 09 February 2021