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Contact us about your bins

Let us know if something has gone wrong with your bins or bin collections.

What do you want to do?

Report a problem when your bin was emptied

For example:

  • a bin, sack or box (caddy) was put back in the wrong place
  • extra recycling wasn't collected
  • waste or recycling sacks weren't left
  • litter was left behind in the street
  • you are unhappy with the behaviour of the crew

You can also let us know if a wheelie bin has been left out in the street for two weeks or more.

Report a problem

Protecting your privacy - find out how we keep your information safe.

What we will do

We will ask our waste contractors to investigate, and check video from onboard cameras, where available, to find out what went wrong. 

Other bin problems

Let us know if you want to:

  • ask us to repair your bin
  • request a replacement bin or caddy
  • order bins for a new property
  • get advice about recycling and reducing your waste
  • tell us that your shared bins need emptying
  • ask us anything else to do with bins

Contact us online here. 

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Last updated on 14 January 2021