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Bin sizes and extra bins

Bin sizes and extra bins

Most houses in the borough have three standard sized wheelie bins - black, green and blue.

Flats and bedsits often share communal bins - find out more here.

If you are a large family and recycle as much as you can but can’t manage with the size of the black bin please get in touch.

We can offer advice on how to reduce the amount of waste going into your black bin and can give you an extra blue recycling bin free of charge if you need one. We may be able to give you a larger black bin for a period time (we don't supply extra black bins for general waste).

Contact us for more details about bin sizes and advice on recycling.

Sorry, we don't supply extra green bins for food and garden waste.

Find out how to reduce your waste with Recycle Now.


Last updated on 08 April 2020