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Report a problem with your bin or bin collections

Let us know if there's a problem with a bin.

Please let us know if your bin or inner caddy is broken, if you need to request a new bin or if your bin or caddy has gone missing.

You can also use this form to report problems with litter bins and dog waste bins, such as bins that are overflowing, damaged or missing.

Report a bin problem online here.


Bin not been emptied?

Sometimes we might not be able to empty your bin on the usual day, this could be because the the road was blocked by cars or roadworks, our lorry broke down, or because of bad weather.

If bins on your street haven't been emptied please leave them out, we normally try to call back later the same day or the next working day. 

If you forgot to put your bin out you will normally have to wait two weeks for your bin to be emptied. Find out your collection dates here.

In exceptional circumstances we may return as a one-off, please contact us.


Last updated on 06 November 2017