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Two different types of metal are used to make tins and cans – steel and aluminium – both of which can easily be recycled.

Food tins are generally made from steel, and drinks cans are normally made of aluminium.

Both steel and aluminium can be recycled through the blue bin kerbside collection. All we ask is that all food residues are rinsed out of the tins first; the labels do not have to be removed. If you can squash them, please do so as this makes room for more tins and cans in the collection containers and vehicles.

What happens to all the cans collected in Chesterfield?

The mixed cans are put through a magnetic sorter, which separates the steel from the aluminium. The steel is taken to a foundry in Doncaster where the cans are melted down and used to make more steel. The recycled steel is used by a variety of manufactures to make things like washing machines and steel girders. The aluminium is taken to Novellis in Warrington, where it is melted down and made into ingots, which are used to make more drinks cans. Both steel and aluminium can be recycled indefinitely.

In 2011/12, 637 tonnes of tins and cans were recycled in Chesterfield.

Last updated on 26 April 2017