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Newspaper, magazines, glossy magazines, shredded paper, direct mail, catalogues and directories, including yellow pages, envelopes (please tear out any plastic windows) greeting cards and wrapping paper (please remove any tape, plastic, ribbons, etc.) can all be recycled in Chesterfield using the blue bin.

Paper makes up a large proportion of our domestic waste and comes in many forms, from writing paper to newspapers and magazines. The average household throws away three kilograms of paper every week. In Chesterfield this adds up to as much as 7,000 tonnes. If not recycled, most of this will end up in landfill. There is enormous potential to increase the amount of paper we currently recycle.

Envelopes CAN be recycled with newspapers and magazines, but please remove any plastic/cellophane windows in them. If paper is recycled, the need for virgin fibre is reduced, which means fewer trees are cut down. The trees used for pulp are usually coniferous softwoods such as spruce and pine. Recycling reduces the need for imported pulp and of course any paper that is recycled does not have to be disposed of, to landfill or incineration. Some virgin pulp has to be used when making paper because, as paper is recycled, the fibres are constantly shortened and their strength is reduced.

What happens to the paper collected in Chesterfield?

The paper collected in Chesterfield is taken to a recycling facility where it is turned into pulp, which is then made into paper for major newspapers.

To maintain the quality of the pulp, the material collected must be of a very high standard. We rely on the help and co-operation of the people of Chesterfield to maintain this high standard.

In 2007/8, out of a possible 7,000 tonnes, 3,785 tonnes of paper and magazines were recycled in Chesterfield.

Last updated on 26 April 2017