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Local Restrictions Support Grant - Open Scheme guidance

The Local Restrictions Support Grant - Open scheme (LRSG-O) helps businesses linked to the hospitality or leisure sectors that remained open - but were severely affected by the tiered local restrictions.

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Who can claim an LRSG-O business support grant?

You may be able to claim an LRSG-O business support grant from us if you are a Chesterfield Borough Council Business Rates payer and your business meets ALL of the following criteria:

  • the business was open and trading as usual on 4 November 2020
  • it was registered for Business Rates on 5 November 2020
  • it is linked to the hospitality or leisure sectors and remained open - but was severely affected by the tiered local restrictions.

This is a discretionary scheme - each application will be judged on its own merits, and not all claims will be successful.

You must be the Business Rates payer - that is the person named on the Business Rates bill. If the Business Rates bill is in the name of a company, the person that applies must hold a position of responsibility within the company and be authorised to make the claim on behalf of the business. 

Businesses that are not eligible

Your business will not be eligible for the scheme if it:

  • was not open and trading on 4 November
  • was not registered for Business Rates on 5 November 2020
  • is not linked to the leisure or hospitality sector
  • has not been severely impacted by tiered local restrictions
  • has entered into administration or insolvency
  • has exceeded state aid limits

If you are no longer entitled

You must notify the council straight away if your business is no longer eligible for an LRSG business support grant after submitting your application. This could be because the business:

If your business is paid a grant that it is not entitled to the funding will be reclaimed, and any business caught falsifying their records to gain grant money will face prosecution. 

Evidence required to support your claim

You will need the following information to claim:

Business Rates account reference - this is an 8 character reference beginning with 5, you can find this on your annual bill

Business bank account details - this is the account we will pay the grant into

Proof of business bank account - the most recent statement or a screenshot of online banking, and must:

  • show the business bank details
  • be from within the last month
  • show business transactions during this period

The business’s income figures for February 2020 and December 2020 - you will also need to provide proof that your business has been severely impacted, such as copies of your trading accounts, cashbook, receipts, or other proof that shows a severe reduction in income

You will need to upload electronic copies, scanned images or clear photos of your documents.

How to claim

If you run a business in the Chesterfield Borough Council area, and your business has closed due to lockdown restrictions, you can apply for a LRSG-O business support grant online through My Chesterfield. Registering for an account is quick and easy, and you will be able to track the progress of your claim.

You need to claim from the local council that sends your Business Rates bill. If you're not sure who that is you can find your local council here.

If you are unable to apply online please call our customer services team on 01246 345345.

How much is paid

If you qualify amount your business will get depends on the rateable value (RV) of your premises. For each 14-day rolling period:

  • RV £15,000 or under - you will receive £467
  • RV £15,001 to £50,999 - you will receive £700
  • RV £51,000 or over - you will receive £1050

You can find your rateable value on your Business Rates bill, or check online here.

ou must tell us straight away if you are no longer entitled to this grant.

How will the payments be made?

Payment will be made directly into the bank account matching the bank statement you provided with your claim. We are not able to make the payment into any other bank account or by cheque.

Tax on Local Restrictions Support Grant payments

Grant income received by a business is taxable. The Local Restrictions Support Grant will need to be included as income in the business's tax return.

State aid limits

Any business that has reached the limits of payments permissible under the De Minimis and the UK Covid-19 Temporary State Aid Framework will not be able to receive further grant funding. 

This means that your business may not receive more than £735,650 in Covid-19 grant funding. Find out more about state aid.

Can I claim for more than one business?

You can claim for any business where you are the Business Rates payer, provided it meets the eligibility criteria and doesn't exceed state aid limits.

When does the scheme end?

This scheme covers the period from 2 December 2020 to 30 December 2020. 

Information about the local and national restrictions

You can find lots of useful guidance and information on the website.

Are you a Chesterfield Borough Council Business Rates payer?

If you are not sure who to claim from, you can find your local council here.

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Last updated on 06 January 2021