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Restart Grants guidance

Restart Grant payments provide one-off financial support for businesses - to help them reopen safely following government restrictions.

The primary principle of the Restart Grant scheme is to support businesses that offer in-person services, where the main service and activity takes place in a fixed rate-paying premises, in the relevant sectors.

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Who can claim a Restart Grant?

You may be able to claim a Restart Grant from us if you are a Chesterfield Borough Council Business Rates payer and your business meets ALL of the following criteria:

You must be the Business Rates payer - that is the person named on the Business Rates bill. If the Business Rates bill is in the name of a company, the person that applies must hold a position of responsibility within the company and be authorised to make the claim on behalf of the business. 

The amount you receive depends on the rateable value of your business premises - find out more here.

Eligible business types

Most businesses in the non-essential retail, hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care or gym sectors are eligible to claim a Restart Grant. Full details of the types of business that are eligible - and those that are excluded - are available here.

If a business operates services that could be considered non-essential and also fall into one of the other categories, the main service can be determined by assessing which category constitutes 50% or more of their overall business. 

Businesses that are not eligible

Your business will not be eligible for the scheme if it:

'Trading' on 1 April 2021

Restart Grants are available to businesses that were 'trading' on 1 April 2021. Even though your business was closed, it is considered to be trading if:

  • you have staff on furlough
  • you have continued to trade online, by click and collect, or by offering reduced services (such as takeaway)
  • you have been carrying out business activity, for example managing accounts, preparing for reopening, planning and implementing COVID-safe measures
  • the business is NOT in liquidation, dissolved, struck off or subject to a striking of notice or under notice

Information you will need

To apply you will need the information below:

Business Rates account reference - this is an 8 character reference beginning with 5, you can find this on your annual bill

Business bank account details - this is the account we will pay the grant into

Proof of business bank account - the most recent statement or a screenshot of online banking, and must:

  • show the business bank details
  • be from within the last month
  • show business transactions during this period

You will need to upload electronic copies, scanned images or clear photos of your documents.

Unique identifying number - we need to know your Companies House Registration number (CRN) if you have one, or another unique way to identify your business - such as your VAT Registration Number, Limited Partnership Number, Registered Charity Number, Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR), National Insurance Number, or Self-Assessment Number.

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code - the 5 digit SIC code that applies to your business

We also need to know the date your business was established and the number of people you employ.

How to claim

If you run a business in the Chesterfield Borough Council area, and your business has closed due to government restrictions, you can apply for a Restart Grant online through My Chesterfield. Registering for an account is quick and easy, and you will be able to track the progress of your claim.

You need to claim from the local council that sends your Business Rates bill. If you're not sure who that is you can find your local council here.

If you are unable to apply online please call our customer services team on 01246 345345.

When will the scheme end?

The Restart Grant scheme closes on 30 June 2021, final payments will be made by 31 July 2021.

How much is paid

If you qualify, you will receive a one-off lump sum payment. The amount your business will get depends on the type of business you run, and the rateable value (RV) of your premises:

Strand One - Non-essential retail

  • RV up to £15,000 - £2,667
  • RV £15001 to £50,999 - £4,000
  • RV £51,000 and over - £6,000

Strand Two - Hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care, gym and sports

  • RV up to £15,000 - £8,000
  • RV £15,001 to £50,999 - £12,000
  • RV £51,000 and over - £18,000

You can find your rateable value on your Business Rates bill, or check online here.

How will the payments be made?

Payment will be made directly into the bank account matching the bank statement you provided with your claim. We are not able to make the payment into any other bank account or by cheque.

If you qualify you will recieve a one-off lump sum, this is not a recurring payment.

Tax on Restart Grant payments

Grant income received by a business is taxable. The Restart Grant payment will need to be included as income in the business's tax return.

Subsidy Allowances

There are three subsidy allowances for this scheme:

  • Small Amounts of Financial Assistance Allowance
  • COVID-19 Business Grant Allowance
  • COVID-19 Business Grant Special Allowance

Find out more about subsidy allowances here.

Can I claim for more than one business?

You can claim for any business where you are the Business Rates payer, provided it meets the eligibility criteria and doesn't exceed subsidy allowance thresholds.

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Last updated on 01 June 2021