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Starting your own business

Starting your own business

If you are thinking about starting your own business, there are a number of organisations and online resources available to help you get started.

It is common for people to feel worried when they consider starting their own business, and many people begin to question how to get started, whether they will make enough money and how they can prevent their business from failing.

Programmes and online resources

A great way to help with this uncertainty is to begin exploring the programmes and online resources that have been specifically designed to help you through the early processes of starting a business.

These programmes will carefully walk you through every step, so that you do not become overrun with information and are in the best position to make the decision whether to go ahead with launching your own business. If you do decide to launch, support will also be available to help you to grow your new enterprise.

Support available

Here are some of the organisations and programmes that may be able to support you:

  • D2 Business Starter programme

The D2 Business Starter Programme is delivered by the East Midlands Chamber and gives all Derbyshire residents the opportunity to explore their business potential and learn how to set up a new business with a series of flexible, fully-funded workshops and one-to-one support

  • NBV Enterprise Solutions

NBV run a ‘Starting in Business’ programme, which is designed to help you investigate what would be involved in setting up a new enterprise.

  • Prince’s Trust

If you’re aged between 18 and 30, you could consider approaching the Prince’s Trust for training and mentoring support. The Prince’s Trust have already helped over 86,000 young people to start their own business.

If you are registered as unemployed, this scheme may be available to you. Enquire with Jobcentre Plus and they will be able to discuss this further with you.

In most instances, the providers listed above will be able be able to give you the support and guidance that you need. They can all work with you at your own pace and will direct you to available online content and other programmes which can be valuable in secure funding amongst other things when starting a new business.

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Last updated on 15 March 2021