Asbestos cement garages and sheds

Asbestos cement garages and sheds

photos of asbestos sheeting

Asbestos cement sheeting is a very common material containing mainly white asbestos. It is regularly seen in many industrial and agricultural buildings, and even on domestic garages.

The first photo above shows a typical asbestos cement roof; the second shows broken asbestos cement.

Although the asbestos fibres contained within asbestos cement sheets are potentially dangerous, one of the reasons why it poses less of a risk than other asbestos products is because it does not release fibres very easily.

By following basic safety measures, you can work safely with this product. The attached advice sheet takes you through how to deal with the most common domestic buildings that might contain asbestos cement – garages and sheds.

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Advice on Asbestos Garages and Sheds PDF (PDF 314 KB)

Last updated on 11 November 2021