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Future High Streets Fund

Future High Streets Fund

The council has submitted an application for Chesterfield Town Centre to the Government’s Future High Streets Fund.

The purpose of the fund is to support transformative structural changes in town centres that are facing significant challenges and where partners can demonstrate a clear vision and ambition to deliver this change.

There are two stages to the application process, with the first stage requiring applicants to set out the challenges and strategic approach to regenerating their town centre. If successful at this first stage, applicants then move forward to stage two which involves the development of full business cases for specific projects. 

Our bid seeks to address the key challenges which Chesterfield is facing by developing ways to bring more people (and associated spending) back into the town centre.

Specifically we will seek to strengthen the town’s leisure and visitor offer, building on the unique opportunity presented by the future provision of high speed rail services to Chesterfield station, to make the town an attractive base for visits to surrounding attractions such as the Peak District National Park.

Equally our Town Centre Masterplan identifies opportunities to increase the number of homes in the town centre, notably the future development of the Spire Neighbourhood and residential development as part of the Northern Gateway scheme.

Any new development will seek to build on and reinforce the distinctive character of the town, providing people with an experience that is uniquely ‘Chesterfield’ and which cannot be replicated by competing centres or by shopping online. 

It is anticipated that the Government will make an announcement in Summer 2019 about which places will move forward to stage two and the development of full business cases.

Future High Streets Fund Expression Chesterfield Town Centre (pdf 434 KB)

Last updated on 03 April 2019