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Holywell cross roundabout FAQs

Holywell cross roundabout FAQs

Work is taking place on the Holywell Cross (donut) roundabout.

Questions and answers about the works at Holywell Cross

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An archaeological investigation has been taking place at the car park in preparation for the construction of the council’s new Northern Gateway Enterprise Centre. 

The work began in June and is likely to be complete in October.

Following findings from trial trenches sunk on the site in January 2019, a further archaeological investigation was launched as a condition of the planning approval secured by the Northern Gateway Enterprise Centre proposals in February 2019.  These need to be completed to allow construction works to commence on the new enterprise centre. 

Asbestos was found during the archaeological investigation which meant work had to be paused.

Works were suspended until a strategy was agreed for the removal of asbestos material found during the dig. 

Chesterfield Borough Council would like to reassure residents that the removal of the asbestos will be managed safely by a specialist asbestos disposal company with those working on site wearing the appropriate protective clothing.

It is likely that the asbestos was left in place when the former properties based on the car park were demolished.

A strategy has been agreed for the removal of the asbestos.  Works will include advance soil testing with results expected during week commencing 16th September 2019.  These will inform works that will take place during the week commencing the 23rd September 2019.

The asbestos was likely left behind from former properties based on the car park, which have now been demolished.

The removal is expected to take one week from w/c 23 September.

A fibre suppressant technique is being employed to prevent contamination. Reassurance air testing will also be undertaken during the works.  Materials identified as containing asbestos will be removed from site in the appropriate way.

Yes, the part of Holywell Cross car park that isn’t being worked on can still be used during the removal of the asbestos.

There’s not expected to be any disruption.

Yes, the council has contacted all nearby businesses to inform them about the asbestos removal works.

Businesses have also been provided contact details to get in touch with the council if they have any questions or concerns about the work taking place.

Last updated on 31 January 2020