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Elder Way public realm improvements

Elder Way public realm improvements

The public realm is a key aspect of the economic development of our town centre.

Elder Way public realm design

'Public realm' - means any publicly owned streets, pathways, right of ways, parks, publicly accessible open spaces and facilities.

Well designed, high quality urban spaces have an economic value, are more likely to encourage investment in the area and attract shoppers. Studies have shown that improving urban spaces (known as 'place-making') increases footfall and retail turnover, bringing new vibrancy and vitality to town centres. 

Once a thriving street, Elder Way experienced a down turn with the closure of the former Co-operative department store, which dominates the street. 

Its renovation will help breathe new life in to the area as we work to make it a vibrant place for leisure, retail and social gathering. It will result in a more attractive street for shoppers, visitors and current or prospective businesses. Development of Elder Way will also improve pedestrian links between the northern edge of the town centre and the retail core to the south.

Continue to monitor this page for updates on a formal consultation process soon to get underway on changes to Traffic Regulation Orders operating in this area.

Last updated on 08 April 2020