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Roundabout sponsorship

Roundabout sponsorship

 Chatsworth Road roundabout with tree at centre

Whittington Moor roundabout with blooming tulips

Roundabout sponsorship is an effective way of raising your business profile for a significant number of people in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas. The town roundabouts have thousands of vehicles passing through on a daily basis and sponsorship signs are positioned to face oncoming traffic, for maximum impact.

Benefits of roundabout sponsorship

  • All year round advertising for your company in a high traffic area of town helps to raise your profile to thousands of potential customers.
  • Participation in improving the local environment for residents and visitors in Chesterfield helps to give your company a positive image.
  • Strategic placement of roundabout signage allows you to locate your company message to a particular target audience.

Sponsorship signs

Sponsorship signs will be produced and erected via Chesterfield Borough Council. The sign is made of 3mm powder coated aluminium, on a white background, with the council’s logo displayed on the right-hand side (this is a requirement under Highway Authority rules).

Next steps

There are a number of roundabouts that can be sponsored within Chesterfield borough and these vary in price depending on the location, size and amount of traffic using the roundabout. For a full list of available roundabouts and the costs, please contact John Ramsey on (01246) 345 097 or email

Last updated on 28 July 2017