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How it would work

How it would work

  • Chesterfield Borough Council’s leader has pulled the council’s devolution bid to avoid an unnecessary waste of public money on a referendum called by Derbyshire County Council’s leader Councillor Barry Lewis.

    Find out more about this decision here.

    Please note: other information on this page may now be out of date, and will be amended.


One of the conditions of the Government handing down devolution powers and funding is that areas must have a directly elected mayor to be held accountable to voters for any decisions made on issues being devolved from London to a local area.

All areas looking to get devolution are also being asked to prove to the Government that they can put in place structures with proper accountability to manage the powers and money being devolved to them.

So another part of the public consultation will be to consider the proposed governance scheme that looks at how the Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority would operate.

The mayor would be responsible for all the things that are jointly important but cross cut council and geographical boundaries. These are: the transport budget, the bus network, major routes linking the areas together (with everyday roads maintenance remaining the responsibility of Derbyshire County Council) and the strategic planning of key sites for business growth, transport and housing.

Mayors will be elected every four or five years giving voters a direct say over issues that are currently decided in London.

The Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority will be responsible for all the other powers devolved to Sheffield City Region, including skills and training, the investment fund for development and regeneration projects, employment support and business support.

The elected mayor will chair the Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority, which will operate as a cabinet in the same way that Chesterfield Borough Council currently operates.

The mayor will be required to consult their cabinet on all their spending plans and strategies. All cabinet member (the leader of Chesterfield Borough Council will be one of these) will vote on an issue, as will the elected mayor. Every administrative area gets two cabinet member votes in total, irrespective of the size of its area. 

Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield cabinet members would get two votes as they represent single-tier authorities. Chesterfield Borough Council is a two-tier authority, providing local services alongside Derbyshire County Council. The Chesterfield and Derbyshire cabinet members would get one vote each (so two in total); the same would apply to Bassetlaw District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council cabinet members.

Any plans could be rejected if two-thirds of cabinet members disagree.

While the mayor will be responsible for preparing a strategic planning framework for the Sheffield City Region, each cabinet member will also have a veto, to make sure the mayor cannot impose unwanted or inappropriate development in our area.

All decision making will be held to account by scrutiny committees made up of elected councillors from all the councils involved.

Individual councils will continue to run their own services as they currently do – which is the vast majority of everyday services including bin collections, roads
maintenance, social care and so on.

Last updated on 13 June 2017