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Digital Derbyshire

Digital Derbyshire

The Digital Derbyshire initiative is a £15 million programme to improve Derbyshire's broadband infrastructure to allow better connection speeds. At present there are over 180,000 homes and businesses in classified 'white areas' across Derbyshire where there is currently no broadband connection or speeds are slow. Digital Derbyshire's focus is to deliver broadband speeds over 24 mega bits per second (mbps) across 90 per cent of the county and two mbps to the remaining ten percent by 2015.

To deliver this ambitious programme, Digital Derbyshire needs to be able to demonstrate there is demand to potential suppliers and investors. Digital Derbyshire needs residents and businesses to register their interest in receiving better broadband and a regular e-newsletter. By doing so you'll be under no obligation to buy the services when they are launched.

The link below will take you through to the registration page on Derbyshire County Council's website. The survey will only take a couple of minutes and could have a huge impact on helping bring better broadband to Derbyshire.

Last updated on 28 July 2017