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Flea market

Flea market

The flea market is held every Thursday from 9am until 4pm on both New Square and Market Place and is for the sale of second hand goods and crafts.

Please note that 90 per cent of your goods MUST be secondhand or craft to stand on the flea market. Further information regarding what can and cannot be sold can be found in our Standards of Trading document.

Stall prices

The price for a stall on the Thursday flea market ranges from £17.10 to £28.20 (as of April 2016) depending on the size of the stall and its location.

How to obtain a stall

To stand on the flea market please arrive at the Market Place between 7.30am and 8.30am. You can park to the side of the road and call our allocator on 07973 907 617. They will meet up with you, discuss locations and organise a stall for you for the day. Please park sensibly and do not block access roads or hinder traders unloading.

We have created a Trader Information document that provides additional useful information regarding trading on Chesterfield Market.

You may trade on Chesterfield Market on a casual basis which means you can turn up and trade on the days that suit you without being tied into a contract. If you want to trade from the same stall each week you will need to become licensed to that stall. For further information on this, see our Licensed Traders document.

If you would like to discuss trading on Chesterfield Market further, please contact the Markets Team on 01246 345 999 or email

Market Trader Information (pdf 56 KB)
Licensed Traders Information (pdf 122 KB)
Standards of Trading (pdf 16 KB)

Last updated on 19 July 2017