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Reductions for disabled persons

Reductions for disabled persons

A reduction may apply if a property is occupied by a disabled person and contains facilities to meet their needs.

The property must have at least one of the following:

  • A room (but not a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory) which is used by and required for meeting the needs of a disabled person (such as for providing therapy). There must be a 'causal link' between the person’s disability and the requirement of the room, and it must be essential or of major importance to the disabled person by nature of their disability.
  • An additional bathroom or an additional kitchen that is required for meeting the needs of the disabled person.
  • Sufficient floor space for the disabled person to use a wheelchair in the property (to qualify, the person must use the wheelchair inside the property at least some of the time).

No account is taken of your income, so even if you are receiving a good income you could still qualify for this reduction. 

The property must be the disabled person's main home, they don't have to be the council tax bill payer and can be either an adult or a child.

If your application is successful the council tax bill will be charged at the council tax band below the valuation band for your property. If you live in a band A property, you will be charged 5/9th of the charge for a property in band D.

How to apply

To make an application please contact the revenues team on (01246) 345 503 or write to Customer Service Centre, 85 New Square, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 1AH, or email us and an application form will be sent out to you. Please return the completed form to us at the above address.

We will contact you to arrange a visit to check that your property meets one of the conditions above. If it does we will give you a form to take to the doctor so they can certify that the facilities are essential or of major importance to the disabled person.


Last updated on 29 March 2018