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Quality teas, coffees and cold drinks

Quality teas, coffees and cold drinks

Enjoy fantastic barista style coffee, made your way, or try one of our speciality teas, hot chocolates or cold drinks.  

Hot drinks

Ardeen CoffeeOur freshly made Fairtrade coffee, supplied by local family business Arden Coffee, is at the heart of the new café.

Coffees and chocolate 

Coffee from Arden Coffee

Espresso - small £1.60, large £1.80

Just a Coffee (filter) - small £1.65, large £2.00

Americano - small £1.80, large £2.20

Flat white - small size only £2.40

Café Latte - small £2.00, large £2.40

Cappuccino - small £2.00, large £2.40

Café Mocha - large size only £2.65 - with dark chocolate, white chocolate or caramel syrup.

Hot chocolate - small £2.00, large £2.45

Deluxe hot chocolate - small £2.40, large £2.85 - finished with cream and marshmallows.

Add a shot of flavoured syrup for an extra 40p - vanilla, cinnamon, gingerbread, hazelnut, caramel - ask for our sugar free options.

Made your way - extra hot, skinny, decaf, soya, extra shot (50p extra), just ask.

All our coffees and chocolates are available in large size to take away for 20p less than the prices shown above.


Northern Tea Merchants

Northern Tea Merchants of Chesterfield, supply our very own Market Hall blend tea and speciality teas. 

Pots of tea

Tea from Northern Tea Merchants

Market Hall blend tea -

for one £1.75, for two £3.50

Decaffeinated tea -

for one £1.75, for two £3.50

Award winning pyramid speciality teas -

for one £1.95, for two £3.90




Matlock Meadows Ice Cream

Ice cream milkshakes

Choose one of our freshly made milkshakes, made with local milk from Woodthorpe Grange Dairy and your choice of Matlock Meadows vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or banana ice cream. £2.95

Cold drinks

We serve a variety of still and sparkling waters and fruit drinks, see our chilled cabinet for the range on offer.

Last updated on 16 November 2017