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Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions

We’ve got some great exhibitions in store for you this year at Chesterfield Museums.

We start with the Mercian Regiment on Tour, commemorating the end of the First World War, before moving on to our main hands on exhibition ‘The Tudors’. Follow Drake’s explorations, have a go at Tudor games, try on Tudor clothes and find out about dyes and tanning.

For summer we’ve go ‘Life Saver’ which looks at Robinson’s of Chesterfield’s healthcare projects – sterile bandages, the first disposable nappies and lots more. Find out about germs, how they spread and how you can stop them. Try out putting a terry towelling nappy on a doll to understand why disposable nappies were such a welcome invention.

In Autumn we’ll be going ‘Down t’Pit’ which an exhibition on coal mining. Try out our ‘mine’ tunnel, discover what life was like for a coal miner and understand why coal was so important.

Coming up next year, we’ll be looking at extraordinary women from Chesterfield who were important to the town and the country, including Olave Baden Powell who created the Girl Guides, Barbara Castle who was born in Chesterfield but rose to be First Secretary of State, and Emma Miller, a suffragist who later emigrated to Australia.

We’ll also look at what the Victorians did for us and put together a major exhibition on World War 2.

There’s lots coming up and lots to look forward to at Chesterfield Museum so why not call in and see us.

Last updated on 10 July 2019