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Education Box Videos

Education Box Videos

Being able to interact with history in a hands-on fashion really helps bring it to life and our education loan boxes allow you to do just that. 

Having a hands-on learning experience can help children not only understand history on a deeper level but also thoroughly enjoy it. 

Our education loan boxes are a great way to bring something different into your classroom and spark curiosity in your students, watch the videos below to learn more about the boxes we offer. 


Ancient Greeks

Use these exciting replica items to bring Ancient Greece to the classroom.



Replica Roman objects to explore and inspire children of all ages.



Find out more about everyday Viking life with these brilliant objects.



How did the Tudors live? Find out with these wonderful handling objects.



Fascinating items which open a window into the Medieval World.



 A wide selection of authentic Victorian items to recreate the nineteenth century for learners of all ages.


George Stephenson

Explore the life of the famous entrepreneur who started a transport revolution and shaped Victorian Chesterfield.


World War One

Fascinating authentic and replica items offer an emotive insight into life in the trenches of WW1.


The Home Front

Put that Light Out! Bring everyday life in the Home Front of WW2 to the classroom.


WWII Evacuee's Suitcase

A small suitcase containing items that enable learners to understand the evacuee experience.


School Days

Objects from classrooms of bygone days to educate and entertain.


Let There Be Light

From Ancient to Modern History, how did we light our homes?

Last updated on 04 July 2023