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Education Boxes - Conditions of Use

Education Boxes - Conditions of Use

Conditions of use for hiring our Education Loan Boxes.

By booking an education loan box, your organisation or school has agreed to abide by the terms and conditions below:

  • the objects in the loan box are used for educational use only and not for profit making purposes
  • you must declare a named person, at the time of collection, who is responsible for the loan box while it is on loan
  • the loan box must stay with the organisation or school that has the loan agreement with the museum and not be loaned out to another organisation or school via a private arrangement
  • due care and diligence must be taken to safeguard the items on loan (see guidance below)
  • items on loan must be locked away when not in use
  • there will be a charge of £50 for each lost or damaged item, this is towards the cost of their replacement or repair and the administrative costs involved
  • any damage or loss should be reported to the museum immediately
  • all boxes must be re-packed according to the packing instructions
  • time will need to be allowed to check the inventory when returning the box
  • loans must be collected and returned to/from the Venture House unit (Suite 4, Venture House Dunston Technology, Venture Way, Chesterfield S41 8NR) on a Friday between the hours of 2pm and 4pm.
  • late returns will be charged at £30 per week


Guidance for handling


  • ensure that all objects are handled with care
  • keep them in a secure place, especially overnight
  • make one member of staff responsible for booking the box and sharing the information contained within this agreement and other relevant information with colleagues
  • handle objects over a table, preferably over a soft surface – one object, two hands; make sure hands are clean and dry
  • ensure that objects are only handled under the supervision of an adult
  • only use pencils whilst working with the objects
  • read the packing instructions carefully


Do not:

  • display objects in direct sunlight
  • bury object in soil or sand, or submerge in water
  • affix adhesives, labels, sellotape, blu-tack, and so on, to objects or packing box
  • attempt to repair objects – you must report the damage to the museum
  • wear items unless marked for such use

Download the conditions of use:

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
Education loan boxes conditions of use PDF (PDF 134 KB)


Last updated on 21 November 2023