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Education Loan Boxes

Education Loan Boxes

We offer a range of loan boxes which your school can borrow to use in your classroom to support the delivery of your lesson in an exciting and hands on way.

The handling objects in the boxes allow pupils to use all their senses, such as touch, sight and smell, which will often lead to a more memorable experience.

The boxes cover a range of themes from Ancient Greeks to World War 2 and A Day in the Life of a Miner and many more, for the range of boxes available take a look at the images below. To enquire about loaning a box complete our booking form here.

Loan boxes are available for periods of four weeks and are completely free of charge, however a £50 deposit per box applies to ensure the security of the items.

Bookings should be made as far in advance as possible with popular boxes often being booked up many months in advance. We currently have 16 loan boxes available however if you have suggestions for future loan boxes please email

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Last updated on 15 July 2019