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Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes

Memories are so important to who we are and our memory boxes are a wonderful way of reminding people about their past.

We are delighted to announce that our memory boxes are available for loan again but they are subject to Covid-19 restrictions. Please contact the museum for further details.

The objects in our boxes help people rekindle their memories and talk about their life. This can be a great help to people who are living with dementia.

Memory boxes are available for individuals and organisations to hire for just £5 per week. To enquire about hiring one of the boxes complete our online booking form.

Covering a range of topics they have helped engage, support and share countless memories. Memory boxes currently available include:

  • Dorothy's sewing box - memories of sewing, knitting and crocheting
  • Dressed to impress - memories of dressing up and going out
  • Going shopping - good for reminiscing about buying food in local shops
  • Holidays - memories or holidays at the seaside and abroad 
  • In the garden - rekindling memories of time spent outdoors
  • In the kitchen - memories of home cooking 
  • Our working life - recall time at work including local companies 
  • Sweet dreams - remembering magical moment at the sweet shop
  • The royal box - memories of royal events 
  • The swinging sixties - music and fashion from the 1960s
  • Time for tea - memories of teatime with the family 
  • Us kids - childhood memories 
  • What we did for fun - hobbies, pastimes and recreation

We have made a series of short memory box videos which explore the different boxes and their contents and which will hopefully encourage discussion and reminiscing. 

A range of people and organisations loan our memory boxes, just take a look at some of the recommendations below. 

“I think as a company we have borrowed every memory box that Chesterfield Museum have and our residents have loved every one of them. The fact that they are so physically interactive appeals to all and we have hours of fun and laughter reminiscing about all the personal memories inspired by the objects within the boxes. We would recommend these boxes to anyone who wishes to inspire interesting conversation or just wants to interactively learn about the past.”

Zoe - activities coordinator, Peak Care Ltd

"We are always really happy when the museum service come along with their reminiscence boxes to our dementia friendly screenings.  Reminiscence is about sharing stories from their past, memories and life experiences.  A person with dementia is more able to recall things from many years ago then recent memories so reminiscence draws on this strength.  Reminiscence can give people with dementia a sense of confidence and competence through using a skill they still have."

Wendy -  health and wellbeing officer, Chesterfield Borough Council

If you have ideas of themes for future memory boxes please email museum.collections@chesterfield.gov.uk 


dorothys-sewing-box dressed-to-impress going-shopping holidays in-the-garden in-the-kitchen our-working-life sweet-dreams the-swinging-sixties the-royal-box time-for-tea us-kids what-we-did-for-fun


Last updated on 24 November 2021