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Memory Box Videos

Memory Box Videos

Memories are so important to who we are and our memory boxes are a wonderful way of reminding people about their past.

We realise how important objects are in helping people rekindle their memories and talk about their life, especially people who are living with dementia.

One of our staff has made a series of short videos which showcase the different boxes we have and which can hopefully inspire lots of discussion and reminiscing.


Going shopping

Good for reminiscing about buying food in local shops. It includes rationing and ration books, collecting Green Shield Stamps and old coins and decimalisation.


Our working life 

Recall time at work including local companies. It includes nurses at Walton Hospital, Pill boxes and Smartie tubes from Robinson's and a Pit Check from Bolsover Colliery.


The swinging sixties

Music and fashion from the 1960s. Objects include a Dandy Comic, Simplicity Dress Pattern, Kodak Instamatic Camera and a 45 Single Record.


Dressed to impress

Memories of dressing up and going out. Objects include curling tongs, a cotton hankie, Old Spice aftershave and a girdle.



Memories of trips to the seaside and holidays abroad. Objects include a thermos flask, folding camera with a pop out lens, photo of Blackpool beach, postcards and badges that people collected from their holidays and day trips.


In the Kitchen

Memories of home cooking and baking. Objects include a 1940s/50s tea apron, Trex and Bero cookbooks full of traditional recipes, mincer, tea strainer used before the invention of tea bags and rotary whisk which was designed to save time and effort when whisking.


What we did for fun 

Bringing back memories of hobbies, past times and recreational activities. Topics include day trips to the seaside, cricket at the Queens Park and visits to the theatre which are sure to rekindle some fantastic memories. Objects featured include a leather cricket ball made here in Chesterfield at Clayton and Sons Tannery, Chesterfield Rambles Book which features a walk in the Queens Park and a Football Pools advert.


The Royal Box

Memories of big royal events. The box contains lots of royal memorabilia including a biscuit tin to commemorate the Queens Coronation, a souvenir glass from the Queens Silver Jubilee, photos of royal street parties and booklets and newspaper supplements to celebrate royal events.


In The Garden

Recalling many a happy hour spent in the garden. Memories include growing your own vegetables which became popular during the war, entering produce in horticultural shows and love them or hate them, garden gnomes were once very popular. The box includes gardening booklets, tools and gloves.


Sweet Dreams

Memories of sweets we used to love. The box includes a glass sweet jar, a toffee hammer, Robinsons packaging and pre-decimal coins as well as stories of Milk Tray, Milky Bars and the traditional sweet shop.

Last updated on 20 January 2023